Urban Van

At the end of the 70s, throughout North America, the popular van is transformed into leisure rooms with ever more fantastic decor trends under the influence of the hippy and disco movements. This period is marked with the presence of panorama window, body stripes and colors in exalted state, and the covering of all interior surfaces in “shag” carpet.

Campwagon initially joins this market with vans called “Execu-van” and progressively defines its own style by developing a version that has more classical lines in the style of executive lounges that it names “Van de Ville” (which would approximately mean – Urban van – in English).

This product becomes very popular throughout the eighties. We estimate that the company manufactured close to 2000 Van de Ville. According to Lucien Barbeau, the typical customer that today buys the popular “pick-up” trucks is the same that bought 90% of the Campwagon “Van de Ville” during that effervescent period.


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