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Steeve’s 1978 Campwagon. Many years after his Campwagon adventure, Lucien Barbeau started a second manufacturing enterprise, this time making helicopter handling equipment: Helitowcart. On beautiful day in 2015, one of the team members, Steeve Rousseau, visits the plant with the camper he just bought himself: a Campwagon! We then had the opportunity to walk around … Continue reading Steeve’s 1978 Campwagon

Steeve’s 1978 Campwagon

A Campwagon in North Africa?  As we reviewed Lucien’s souvenirs, we found these three pictures from customers. We were astonished by one of them: the travellers appear to be in North African territory. We were blown away that a Campwagon may have travelled so far! We have not been able to identify these Canadian travellers … Continue reading A Campwagon in North Africa?

A Campwagon in North Africa?


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