Steeve’s 1978 Campwagon

Steeve’s 1978 Campwagon. Many years after his Campwagon adventure, Lucien Barbeau started a second manufacturing enterprise, this time making helicopter handling equipment: Helitowcart. On beautiful day in 2015, one of the team members, Steeve Rousseau, visits the plant with the camper he just bought himself: a Campwagon!

We then had the opportunity to walk around the camper and exclaim at all the memories this nice surprise was triggering for us. As was to be expected with camper fans, the conversation between Steeve and Lucien quickly lead to technical characteristics, and they naturally walked and stopped in front of the refrigerator mechanical access door.  Being Lucien’s daughter, I have many childhood memories of camping enthusiasts having lively conversations, all with their nose into the Dometic refrigerator access door.

Our good friend Steeve’s camper dates back to 1978, the year he was born! This equation leaves us dumbfounded every time we realize that campwagon campers built in the seventies are still in such good condition and still being used forty years later.

Story by Nathalie Barbeau  – October 2018