Door handles that go a long way. During the 80s, Lucien visits Europe multiple times and keeps an eye on products and components that are popular there. He is attracted by the plainness and simplicity of interiors, and of the greater quality of accessories used in manufacturing of camping vehicles. He then starts buying in growing quantities hardware components such as door handles. At the time Campwagon was an exhibitor at the most important camping vehicle trade show in North America, which was took place in Louisville, Kentucky. During one of these shows a Swiss visitor is attracted by this particular plainness that is uncommon since most manufacturers of camping vehicles in North America then favored a decor that was heavily loaded with trimmings, and pompom style adornments. This customer operates vacation rental fleets located in California and in New York, for his European customers.  He then buys many vehicles for his operations on the north american territory and later imports Campwagon vehicles in Europe; which is what explains the following news article. Lucien mentions that he would never have thought that such a simple detail as hardware could have such a significant impact on the business.

A wink at Lucien:  On this picture on the first page of the small local newspaper, Lucien is 45 years old. He looks like he is only thirty! 

Fuel Consumption. Journalists travelling from Quebec city to Detroit aboard an Urban van mention they made close to 17 miles per gallon.


Rental prices in 1987




1988 – approximately


July 1988

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