Other Conversions

Campwagon was asked by barious organisation types to convert vehicles for a wide range of applications.

We remember:

Shuttle buses for airport Hilton hotels ,

Shuttle buses for mobility challenged individuals and wheelchairs,

Shuttles to transport deceased to funeral agencies,


Promotional vehicles  for Labatt, Molson, and Laura Secord,

Double floor vehicles for jewel sales representatives,

Vehicles adapted for drivers in wheelchairs.

Vehicles for Police surveillance,


Many drivers in wheelchair. During the seventies and eighties the Quebec government had a program to pay for an entirely converted van for those who had road accidents and ended up in a wheelchair. According to Lucien, this clientele was often made of very young adults who had had motorcycle accidents during the summer season. Campwagon converted and adapted many such vehicles. This clientele required a lot of attention due to the complexes challenges these users faced.

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