Mid-Seventies’ Gold & Burnt Orange.   At the height of popularity with these colors the logo has been changed accordingly.  The pictures above show seats in a rich burnt orange color and are surrounded on all interior surfaces in orange shag carpet. I noticed that it took over thirty years for this color scheme to be trendy again in decor magazines. I guess a whole generation experienced a severe saturation for a very long time!  by Nathalie Barbeau 2018 

A larger Canadian Flag.  As I reviewed and sorted all souvenir documents I noticed that the flag and the “Made in Canada” were made much bigger in this brochure series.  From my memories of childhood, this must have been shortly following the election of a separatist party in Quebec in November 1976.  At the time the Western Canadian market for Campwagon was major (close to 70% of sales according to Lucien) and the business partners might have wished to send a message to their contacts in the English Canadian market: living in Quebec, they were among those who dearly wanted the country to be warmly united. During this period of uncertainty Lucien went to Red Deer in Alberta to perform scouting as he considered the possibility of moving the plant to that location. by Nathalie Barbeau 2018 

1977 An article in “L’Actualité” magazine. (Below) This publication is an equivalent in Quebec to the English Canadian “McLean’s” or the US “Time” magazines. We note that Lucien has been renamed “Marcel” and is defined as the “accountant and archivist” of the company. He was rather in charge of all technical and production aspects of the operations. A few years later, a book issued by Quebec city’s Laval University about local entrepreneurs mentioned Lucien’s personal business story and had us startled when the complete description of his life story was unrelated to him. Being Lucien’s daughter I remember they mentioned he was from a family of 8 children (he has only 3 siblings). We had noticed that often the sales and market share numbers in news articles about the company were astoundingly erroneous; but I remember that these experiences with basic life facts being severely mistaken left me wondering how much of what we read as news is actually fiction. I never expected that forty years later this issue would actually be the focus of current political debates!   by Nathalie Barbeau 2018


1978 Campwagon shipments to Western Canada



1980  A Hilton Hotel ad showing its Campwagon shuttle bus in the September 6 issue of Canada’s Financial Post Magazine.

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